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I've been going insane because my Scarf yarn hasn't arrived...

But I went to my lys to buy some Addis, and asked, " guys wouldn't happen to have Jo Sharp yarn, would you?" (knowing that I've never seen it there).

The wonderful girl working there says, "Oh, we may have some in the storage house." lys is in a converted frame house...they have some small houses next store to keep overstock yarn.

We walked to the other small frame one we found some balls of Embers and...lo, and behold, one ball of the Lichen colour that I can't find anywhere...hehe!

At the other house we found a whole bag of I bought 5 balls total!

I shouldn't have underestimated HILL COUNTRY WEAVERS in Austin, Texas (couldn't resist the shout out!)...awesome store with awesome prices!!!

Also picked up some Rowan Tapestry to try some Celtic knot type cables...could only afford one ball after all the Addis, etc.

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