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Originally Posted by knitknitter View Post
Thanks for all of your generous responses. My one concern is that this is a wrap sweater and I have already been doing increases at the sides to get that wrap effect that I was going for (i.e. getting the front to cross over). If I continue these increases at the side, I worry that it will extend the wrap-effect of the sweater more than I would like it to (i.e. the front of the sweater will appear to be extending all the way down to my hips).
Does anyone know the answer to the above question? I will explain a bit more: I am knitting a seamless wrap cardigan, so the additional shaping will have to be at the front sides of the cardigan, as those are the only sides. Will this not make the fronts slope a bit? If so, is there another way to increase ribs in pattern that will be less noticeable?
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