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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Nat, if you don't have recycling there are things you can do to help that don't really cost money or much at all anyway. If you work take your lunch in something like tupperware so you don't have any trash waste. Use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning when you can, etc. Every little bit helps. You might also if you can send a letter or get all your earth friendly friends to send letters or approach a city council..not sure how your country works.
Thanks, Jan! I do actually take my lunch in a box . The problem is that Israel is lots of years behind on the recycling issue. People are like "oh, we have plastic bags - cool! Let's use them as much as possible!". When i mentioned that i'd prefer to get cloth diapers whenever i have a baby (i can get some on eBay), everyone looked at me like i dropped from the moon or something... Nobody can realize the mount of diapers each baby produces There is a "green" student society in my university, but the biggest thing they've achieved was that the cafeterias won't sell coffee in plastic cups. But I promise to try my best!
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