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Something I began in February is the following, recommended by a friend and detailed at So far, I'm only saving the grease in the freezer. When the weather turns, I'll mix up a batch.

Make your own home-make suet cakes. I save all the bacon fat in a coffee can and when itís nearly full I melt it down and add corn meal, peanut butter, honey, and chopped fruit or nuts, then pour this in tuna cans, let harden in the refrigerator, and nail the can to a tree. Donít use seed in this mixture because birds that are attracted to suet are insect eaters, not seed eaters. Most commercial seed cakes have seed in it and the birds attracted to the suet drop the seed to the ground which eventually gets eaten by a ground eating birds so why bother? Home made suet mixture is very popular with lots of birds, but the squirrels love it too. Put one tuna can on the window sill platform just for the small birds and one out on the tree for the squirrels and woodpeckers.
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