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Originally Posted by Mystery_Gyrl View Post
At first I thought the directions might be referring to the two stitches you just made; however, I started thinking they might want you to make (cast on) two new stitches by using the thumb or Backward-Loop cast on method.
the second cast on method from the top. HTH.
Thanks, I am going to try this; so - having made the 2 loops on the RH ndle, then what do I do with them? I would have on my RH ndle 2 loops then the snug wrapped stitch with the working yarn! How do you go on from there? Pattern then says to repeat - K7, yf etc. Do you slip the loops to the next ndle and THEN K7? Sorry to seem so dopey but strangely I am terrified of my knitting morphing into Knotting/Macrame!
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