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Have more natural shampoos and conditioners had a look in yet? Again, I do buy a commercial brand..sort of..from a health food store and it has none of the sodium elements and parabens etc.

This is one recipe for homemade shampoo. I would not use the oils and rubbing alcohol tho. I would simple boil up the herbs and add them that way:

Castile soap is mentioned in many many homemade shampoo recipes. Even if you think..nope..have to buy shampoo..these recipes are good for scented bath oils and then of course you would use essential oils perhaps. But I love the smell of steamed or lightly boiled lavender and chamomile.

To make good bath salts you can buy..gosh..what is the basic ingredient of say radox..gone clear out of my buy that LOL and add fresh ground herbs to it and make it up into little dunkable sachets..cheese cloth or similar..and those are nice little gifts too. A friend once found these rather giant gel capsules..empty ones..and filled those. The gel simply melted away in the hot water and she used to throw a handful into the bath and it was dreamy.
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