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we had a "jailbreak" too yesterday! We have a large fenced in dog run (with a dog house, shade, water and food). We have 2 basset hounds. Usually very lazy. One is an escape artist, so we hook her to a large tie out in the pen. (she can go in the dog house and reach all corners, but can't dig out.) the other dog is too old and lazy to do anything. (so we thought.)

I walk out the front door to go pick up my daughter from day camp and there is the older one wandering in the (weird) neighbor's front yard!!! Ack!!!

She came right to me, happy as a clam. I run back into the back yard to see about the other one. She is still attached to the tie out, but she is yanking on the door of the pen with her teeth,a nd she has pulled it open. Good grief!!! I thought for sure she had hurt her mouth/teeth with that- but no.

I have no idea what got into her/ them. they were only out there for an hour or so to get a little fresh air while I was on a teleconference. Normally, they can spend the whole day out there happily! The only thing I can figure out is the neighbors up the street are having major construction done to the back of their house. We can see their construction from our back yard. Our silly dogs must have wanted to go play with the workmen.....

thank goodness they still had their collars on with their tags. Animal control is pretty fast in our neighborhood, and the one time the escape artist got out, she had wriggled out of her collar and was picked up within an hour.

glad you got everyone back!!!
did I say one project at a time?

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