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Thanks, Kemp, isn't it SPECTACULAR?! I use all of my yarn holders, but I don't know if I will even use this one because it has the original tags on it! But, it's so perfect for socknitting and/or very large cakes of yarn!
Oh, Becca, I was just looking at the Pure, because I still want some SO MUCH and saw that the blue was gone....I'm glad it went to a good home! Of course, the black would find a better home here, but I'm controlling myself and it ain't easy!!!
Love to see ya'll got yummy yarns!!!
LOL, I don't know that I'm so much a temptress with all yarn shops, but Kemp is my very good bud (which is why I wrote a sock pattern for her when her store opening!) and any time I see something going on @ her shop I SPREAD the word! That's what friends are for, especially we with big mouths, LOL!!!!
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