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Opinion on pattern style and color needed please
I recently knitted a layette for a mom-to-be...well, make that two layettes, because she's expecting twins!--and I started thinking that a little something for the mom herself might be nice, but I don't know her very well at all. I've only met her twice, so I didn't have an opportunity to see what her taste really is. She's in her mid-twenties somewhere, and she seems pretty chic (unlike myself, not knowing what's "in" and what's "out" ); she works in the cosmetology industry, if any of these bits of info help. I think I'd like to make her a shawl as a comfort to her after childbirth, and maybe as a sort of "hug" to her when she's been up with the babies, tired, etc., so I was trying to find something that would suit her, and I was wondering how this shawl might be? I thought it had enough style to be for a younger person. Plus it uses worsted weight yarn, of which I already have some!

But now about color. The only times I saw her were once briefly and once at her wedding, so I don't know about colors really. I thought about keeping it simple maybe and doing it in a cream color, but would some other color be better? I think she likes sparkles, so I was thinking about maybe knitting some beads into the shawl here and there, but depending on the care the beads would require, maybe not--I'd like to keep this completely machine washable and dryable for ease of care.
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