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Oh my! That is hysterical! I know, believe me I know it wasn't funny at the time.

I have a 12 foot stockade fence and my boy doesn't dig BUT one time my mom left the gate open and Cyrus got out.

It was 4:00 AM and I never noticed the open gate...until a half hour later when I went out to get him in. My heart stopped. Like you, I was prowling the neighborhood in my PJ's. I was terrified! Cyrus is a Rottweiler and sometimes folks are funny about Rotts, he is a long coat and I am always paranoid about theft 'cause he is so unique looking. I was going to go back for my car when I had a brainstorm. There was a beautiful white cat that came to our yard to visit and play with Cyrus and the cat's owner was a sweet little girl who Cyrus adored. I walked to their house, called him and he bounded out of their yard.

Yes, I ALWAYS check the gate now!


Mom to the late Cyrus the Fluffweiler CGC forever in my heart and James the Alpha cat
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