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Originally Posted by Sharly View Post
I'm so glad Cyrus only wanted to play with the kitty!! What a sweet boy.

I love Rotties, however, our neighbor has one, Raven, and he is so mean. I really can't stand it because I want to hug him so bad, and I can't even go in the fence unless he is put up in the house.

They are an older couple, and he is good protection, but I just couldn't stand to have a dog like him.

I would NEVER allow my dog to decide who comes into my yard or into my house. That is is my decision not his.

Unfortunately a lot of folks think a dog like that is "good protection" but nothing could be further from the truth. Usually dogs like that are afraid for THEMSELVES, it is called fear aggression. They will react to anything, even if there is no threat. An accident waiting to happen.

Not to mention it gives many great, noble breeds a bad reputation.


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