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Originally Posted by Limey View Post
I think it's absolutely disgraceful using a shock collar on any dog, let alone a small puppy like that.

If you can't think of any other method to train your dogs other than by cruelty, i.e. by inflicting pain, you shouldn't have them.

Get yourself on a training course or at least, read a book on animal training and welfare. What can I say. I'm a bit surprised at this comment. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but before passing judgment on me, how about asking some questions first.

If you've ever read my posts here, you've seen how I question myself and my decisions. I care deeply for my pets (see this thread).

I researched my options very carefully and asked advice here. This was something I ordered for my middle dog -- only after we tried many other methods of containment first.

And, not that I have to justify myself to you, but the product has different levels for adjustment, from only beeping to level five, for larger dogs. I have it set low, and it beeps first, warning the dogs. They're not dumb. They learn after the first time. It's actually a very humane way to keep your animals within the boundaries that you set. The inhumane thing to do would be to allow them to get out and either get hurt or make them someone else's responsibility.

I've adopted all three of my dogs from animal shelters. They are the happiest-go-lucky dogs you'll ever meet. They know that they are loved. When you have children, you set boundaries for them. Sometimes you erect barriers. It's painful, but we do it because we love them. The same thing goes for my animals. I've had dogs all of my life. I don't adopt them to mistreat them. I'm not a stupid pet owner. I buy magazines, do research on the internet, and ask many people advice if I'm not sure about something. I drill my vets with questions. If I didn't want to be a good pet owner, why would I go through such efforts?

I'm sure that you're still going to feel the way you do, but I felt like I had to defend myself.
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