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Originally Posted by Limey View Post

OK then, I'll ask you some questions:

Why was the puppy outdoors at night, in the first place?

If you knew your other dog was prone to digging a hole in a particular spot,why didn't you reinforce the area?

Why have you left a puppy in an unsecured garden?

You need to re-read my post. It was morning. I was going to get ready for work and put the dogs out as I've done ever since I had them. The little one has always stayed in the yard. The hole was covered. I have a high fence with a gate that was secure. Dogs are smart and figure things out.

But you know what. I'm really not going to hash this out with you anymore. You are going to think what you want. I feel like you are personally attacking my choices. These choices are not bad choices, they are just not YOUR choices.

Somehow what was supposed to be a funny post turned into something not so funny.
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