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This collar does train them because it first begins to beep as they approach the final boundary. The dogs get trained very quickly to go back as soon as they hear that beep.

The term "shock collar," which I used and really shouldn't have, is very negative. It's a wireless pet containment system (yeah, yeah...symantecs aside). Shock collar implies that as soon as they put it on, they are shocked. Or that I'm sitting in the house with a remote control that I'm using to shock them. This is not the case

THEY (the dogs) make the choice to leave the boundaries, and they are given an audible warning when they make this choice, with the beeps increasing in frequency with the duration of their stay in that area.

Trust me...the dogs KNOW they have to back up.

I've had this product for a few months now, and it is so much better than tying up my dogs outside. They still have plenty of room to run around and frolic with one another, unlike what a run or a lead would do.
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