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The little one has always stayed in the yard.

Did I quote correctly? I never seem to get this right.

Actually, you began your thread by saying the two dogs had played in a neighbour's yard for two days and came when called. Your neighbour must be a kind hearted soul.
I suspect this was a sign that the hole needed greater reinforcement. That doesn't mean filling in the hole. It means reinforcing it.

I know the retreat line on this threads is to say things were meant to be funny. I understand that. I hope you can also understand why an individual might not find some issues funny.

It's me who usually gets jumped on for not sharing a laugh and yet I think I display a pretty good sense of humour most of the time.

Shock collars on animals are actually illegal in parts of Australia and I respect and understand Limey's view on this because even the UK parliament has spoken out against their use. I suspect they are used as an easy replacement for busy people who don't have the time to train their dogs or to take them to training classes. This is one reason I don't have a dog, because I can't devote the time.

I respect what Limey said. Please try and accept that some of us are devoted to animal welfare (even if we currently don't own an animal) and can't, responsibly, find certain things funny. This is part and parcel of having a multi-cultural world and learning from others. Obviously there are different perspectives on animal welfare and what constitutes responsible ownership. I don't have any answers for how to soften a point of view on these matters. Should we not comment? Should posters begin to lay down rules? I hope the latter does not become a trend.
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