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Goodness! The funny part of the story was the retrieval of the dog. Y'all have managed to pull out one thing and totally turn it on me. I don't find disciplining a dog funny. It's work. And I am doing that work in many areas of my dog training (teaching them not to jump on people, housetraining, etc.). The collar is one tool in the yard training.

I have two collars. One collar's battery wasn't working, so I could not use it immediately on the little one. The other collar was working, so I thought if I put it on the older dog, and if he didn't go under the fence, the younger one would follow suit. The other collar apparently had a dead battery too. But the night before I found out, I had ordered new batteries (which arrived last night...two days!).

As you can see, I was trying. I had blocked the hole, and the dogs had not disturbed anything. Well, until the day before. Yes, maybe I could have filled it in better. Forgive me for being too "lazy" to do so. You do not know the things that go on in my life. I was probably exhausted from work (it was a tough week, even though I'm only part-time), school (four classes), parenting, and other stuff. I'm human and therefore not perfect.

By the way, my neighbors are very understanding and not judgmental. I've gone by, apologized, taken cookies, and we've all had a good laugh.

Once again, and I should have learned my lesson way before this, I must be careful what I post. Even the most innocent post is liable to draw criticism. That makes me very sad.
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