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Prescription drug ads
I am watching CBS Sunday Morning and they just ran a part on prescription drug ads. In it they said that there is only one other country (New Zealand) where these commercials are allowed, the rest of the world, the commercials are illegal. Every time my in laws come to visit from The Netherlands, they are surprised by the amount of drug commercials they see. I am surprised too, my thoughts on this was if you needed whatever medication they are selling, shouldn't your doctor know this? They even showed a guy who is taking about 12 pills every day, some he does need and others he doesn't need at all? Why? Does he think that taking pills for something he does not have will prevent him from getting whatever the pill is made for? And it sounds like he has a ethical doctor too.

They even showed a company who was paid by a drug company to make up a name for a new medication they made? And if I am correct, some of the names were just other names for arthritis?

My husband from Holland, whenever he gets a headache, I ask him if he wants to take something for it and the answer is no 90% of the time. And the only reason he takes prescription meds now is because he has T2 Diabetes. He doesn't even like to take a vitamin!

And I think that the cost of the drugs would not be so high if they did not pay ad companies to come up with new names for current syndromes and stopped with all the commercials.
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