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I watched the same segment; it's a rerun actually. I feel the same way. I think the drug companies "invent" conditions so they can sell the stuff they develop. Maybe it's a legit condition, but restless legs? Robert Klein was 30 years ahead of himself. (Can't stop my leg.)

There's a number of conditions/diseases which drug companies should be researching including the various myositis conditions and other auto-immune diseases. (The variety I have is, thus far, untreatable.) But apparently it's more financially beneficial and easier to develop and sell stuff for ED and RLS than to worry about real (I know, they may be real) medical problems.

Besides, while I don't want to sound prudish and old-fashioned, I think it's distasteful to be running all these ads at times when kids might be watching TV. We always encouraged our children to watch the evening news. But geez, the number of cialis comm'ls and the new singing viagra comm'l, not to mention all the talk of bloody stool and vomiting, during that hour would make me turn off the set if I had pre-teens.

I really think the government should step in, step up, join the rest of the world and stop all this type of drug advertising.

And for what it's worth, I think the guy taking all the 'scripts is a hypochondriac and his doctor should stop being an enabler.

I will now vacate the soapbox for other points of view.

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