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My grandma is one of the people that takes a gazillion drugs because she HAS every condition advertised on TV. (Well, at least she thinks she does.) Ugh. Talk about emptying out Medicare's funds!

The ones I hate are the bladder control ones. Yes, I pee more than 8 times a day, but I drink 73 gallons of water a day and I have a baby that thinks my bladder is a punching bag! Every time they start talking about it I HAVE to go to the bathroom. And, MUST they show a "bladder" exploding? Yuck.

I just love listening to the "fine print." They spend 3/4 of the commercial listing all the warnings. What a great use of time!

It reminds me of that old joke with the little boy that goes to the drugstore and has saved up all his money to get tampons so he can go swimming, horseback riding, etc.

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