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Originally Posted by ready2knit View Post
No idea what kind of yarn that is. Is there a name on it? I've seen some yarn from Greece (I"m Greek) and it's been beautiful and soft. My friend bought it in Thesaloniki. Years ago on one of the islands, I did buy a sweater that matches what you describe, itchy scratchy.

Good luck figuring out the yarn.

I guess I meant to say, what kind of sheep is this sort of wool from?

I live in a pretty small town (~20,000) and don't have the choices. There's several brands I've seen locally that are very reasonably priced and come in nice colors. But I can't get a specific kind of notably soft wool, like merino or alpaca. Only "wool", acrylic, wool/acrylic blends, and mohair blends.

We are taking a trip to Athens in September and I plan to hit a big yarn store on Kolokotroni Street.
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