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Originally Posted by Mazie View Post
I know what you mean, Most of the 'natural' yarns just make me itch. Some are not to bad if I can wear them over a shirt of something but I really want to find a yarn that I can wear, as is. I may just have to just knit in cotton, it's the least itchy so far.
Is there anything that doesn't 'set the bells a'ringing'
for those of us who are a little more sensitive?

I keep hearing that merino and alpaca are very soft and don't bother sensitive people. I am working on a sweater now that is 80% acrylic, 10% virgin wool, and 10% mohair. It was not expensive at all and I thought it was just right for my first attempt at a sweater. However, I think I will have to wear a t-shirt under it. It's a little prickly. That's assuming, of course, that it's wearable.

I have been window shopping online for months and am overwhelmed at the choices. It's hard to choose when you haven't seen and touched the yarn yourself.
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