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She lives in Georgia, but the divorce was in KS, and her ex still lives there, so apparently she has to apply for the amendment there. She isn't on public assistance, but can't touch the bit of retirement money she got in the divorce.

I think she really just needs to find a board where people have been there, done that, and can give a little advice and support. It would also help if she could just talk to someone about procedure, or read about it somewhere, but it seems as if it's difficult to suss all that out.

I just really feel for her. She was trying so hard to keep everything together, and he already had another chick waiting to move in, so she basically got out lawyered and rammed through the system. She should be getting three times what she is getting for her two sons, and now that she has another diagnosis for her disabled son it would be a good time to file an amendment.

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