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Hi Auburnchick

I'm not bothered if your husband is President of the United States and his workmates are members of Congress, inflicting pain and discomfort on an animal, especially one as young as Molly, is just plain wrong.

'Wireless Pet Containment System' might be the sales pitch but the reality is it's a shock collar

And also, when you reply, I'd appreciate it if you didn't bring in the supernatural - it's irrelevant to this discussion.

Is it asking too much of you to enclose your garden properly? - Molly hasn't had the easiest start in life - winding up in a shelter, fleabites and having to have anti-biotics.

No matter which way you slice it, keeping Molly safely inside your garden in a humane way is what matters - she can live without any more pain or discomfort - if she's kept safe and supervised, there is absolutely no need to use these collars.

She's only a puppy and if I'm not mistaken, is partly a Jack Russell/terrier breed and therefore, prone to dig. I'm sure it's not beyond your wit to supervise Molly - if you're too busy at certain times to watch her in the yard, then bring her in where you can keep an eye on her.

As for beating this subject to death, as I explained to Stitchwitch, I let the matter go at the weekend but people came swinging in again today - I'm not responsible for them replying - what am I supposed to do, concede that shock collars are okay?

If I'm 'blinded' on this subject, then I'm in good company, - with animal welfare organisations in the UK and most reputable animal charities in the US and Australia believing that the use of these devices is both cruel and unnecessary.
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