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I just went to my lys yesterday and for 16.50 I got a schacht hi-lo spindle (the pic on the top right) that has a 3" whorl which makes it 2.2oz. Didn't know anything about it but turns out there are high whorl and low whorl spindles and this is 2 in 1! I was pleased. Then I found this website about making yarn with a drop spindle, this shows you how do get started. I'm still looking for more info. I also bought 2 oz of fiber yesterday; againd didn't know what I was doing so I just asked them what kind they reccomended for a beginner who'd never even held the stuff before. It only cost 4.50 for the 2 oz and I'm sure that will at least get me started, 2 oz is a big ball. So I have yet to get started spinning b/c there is one project I need to finish first. But thanks for starting this thread b/c I was needing some help too. Hey, we can be the 3 newbie spinners! I just found this website that tells you how to use a high (top) whorl spindle.
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