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I live reasonably close to Earthguild. I've never ordered from them but my friend ordered a wheel part and it shipped very fast. She was pleased.

At the store it depends on who you get to help you. There is a guy who is a bit aloof. I think he isn't a spinner/ knitter. There's a lady who can come off as a bit distracted, but she is nice and just leaves people alone unless they ask for help. She doesn't want to feel as if she's crowding anyone or pressuring them.

The store is a hodgepodge of crafts so you find a bit of everything there. I have bought some sock yarn and fiber from the store. When SAFF comes around, they have some nice silk.

Stringcat - if you live near Earthguild, you've got to go to SAFF. Tons of spinny knitty goodies there. Let me know if you'll go. Maybe I can find you and say hello. Love to meet new spinny/ knitty people!
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