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Originally Posted by blueeyes28 View Post
Mason can you tell me what some of your birds favorite veggies were?I am trying to adjust him to a healthier diet he has been on a mosly seed diet forever and I would like to introduce some fruits and veggies.
They can eat pretty much anything we can eat (NO CHOCOLATE, IT'S TOXIC), and a varied diet is very helpful for them (be sure to add vitamins to their drinking water).

One of mine, Fred, loved broccoli, corn, tomatoes, and carrots.

Another, JoJo, would pretty much eat anything you would give him and insisted on having a plate set for him at the dinner table so he could eat what we ate. He loved chicken.

Larry wasn't overly fond of most veggies but he did like corn and spinach. He was a dedicated pizza fanatic.

Just try offering him different foods. Don't be surprised if he acts all weird like he's scared of it. They don't like the unfamiliar and it takes them a while to get used to anything new.

Also, just as a side note, take that mirror away if you expect him to bond to people. Once he's acclimated a bit let him out of the cage as much as possible. Don't force it though. Just open the door and leave it open and let him decide to come out when he's ready.

Once he gets used to being out of the cage offer a finger for him to step on (put it about chest level and lightly bump his chest with it and hold it there). Don't show a reaction if he bites it a few times. He'll test you to see if he can trust you.

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