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A great big ole HUG to all of you who helped the ArtLady through her growing pains!
Happily, I did a lot of computer housekeeping that I have been meaning to do!
1) I uninstalled Norton Antivirus Internet "Security"
2) I installed Trend's PC-Cillin Internet Security Suite 2007.
3) I downloaded FIREFOX as my default internet browser, and transferred my FAVORITES to Firefox!
4) I uninstalled Webroot SpySweeper. It is a complete nuisance and is intrusive all the time. It interjects its updates whenever it wants...and then nothing I am trying to do will work right or efficiently. I have to wait for it to get done. Well, I have had it with SpySweeper.

I have the free version of Lavasoft Ad-Aware which I can run when I want and get updates when I want.
I have the pay version of Sunbelt's CounterSpy, which has been getting rave reviews. It is not loaded, but I might do it later.

Trends PC-cillin has a very efficient spyware program included, so maybe that will be enough.

'sides...all of you have been saying I won't pick up as much 'dirt' in the form of spyware now that I am onboard the FIREFOX train!

Can I ask one more HUGE dumb question:
Do y'all remove COOKIES at the end of a spywarescan...or do ya leave 'em be??? I have been removing everything the scan dredges up...but...there is one website I visit every Thurs eve and I have to get a new password every Thurs eve. That website will not hold onto my identity (password) from week to week. I assume it is because I have tossed all the COOKIES out with the bath water! I don't know what cookie is hers or I would tell the program to leave it alone.

Thanks again KH'ers!
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