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Jan, I feel awful for you! I don't like being hot either. Once I lived 'up North' and none of the homes had A/C, because it NEVER gets hot enough. So of course the summer I'm there, they had record breaking high temps. It was beyond miserable!

We tried everything we could think of to cool off. We would go to the mall and stay all day. We would go see movies we weren't even interested in just to be in the A/C. But eventually we had to go home and it was so hard to sleep at night in the heat.

I have lived in Houston for many years now and it is SO hot here, but everything has A/C. In fact, it is ridiculous how cold indoor places are! I have to take a sweater with me to work, to church, to the movies, and the coldest places are the restaurants. It is hard to eat with your teeth chattering!

Also, I stay sick a lot during the really hot months. When you go outside your skin gets hot, sticky and moist. Then you go inside and freeze!
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