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buying needles
I bought whatever needles last time I was in town (we live in the country), and now I'm looking for needles I can do patterns with! I have been looking at online patterns to learn new skills, but they require dpns or circular or longer needles. I don't just want to make dishcloths!

I will look online (I'm in Australia so will look for stores here) but want to know what I should get? Are the circulars with interchangeable points good, or do the points fall out or catch the yarn at the joins?

Also looking for dpns what are the common sizes? What's a good size to start with to make the baby sock pattern on the video?

And straight needles- do I even need them if I have a long circular? Can you do straight knitting on circulars? I want to make a sweater for my baby.

And Do I need cable needles?

What is a stitch holder? I see it in many patterns.

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, I did a bit of a search and couldn't find it.
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