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One thing that's not totally apparent in the pic, the wool poof dyed relatively uniformly but the angora poof is alot darker on the surface than on the inside which was pink in spots. Both fibers were in the exact same dyebath, so too much acid isn't the reason. Either the angora fiber takes dye so readily that it exhausted before it had a chance to dye the inside evenly, or the angora fiber, being denser than wool because of the lack of crimp, acted as it's own resist
You're spot on - the unevenness in the angora was because the dye was exhausted before it got to the center of your angora "poof". More dye in the bath, or a different application method (i.e. applying the dye and then the acid instead of the acid and dye together) would have given you a more even result. I have also heard that using salt in your immersion dye bath will help give a more even result, but I have never tried that.

I do know that angora fiber, because of it's fineness, felts very, very easily in the dyepot. A novice dyer might consider spinning the fiber first, and then dyeing the finished yarn.
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