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I'm currently on a Dell Inspiron laptop and I'm not a happy camper

I've had two major issues with faulty parts and both led to absurdly stressful customer service experienced.

I bought a Dell mainly because I heard that they had good customer service and were a reliable product. Well, I wasn't able to even get my laptop up and running for 2 months after I received it. The customer service is a joke. Usually after waiting 30 minutes to get a rep, I get barely trained so-called technical support people on the phone. They seem to make a practice out of hiring people with a mediocre grasp of English. I'm sorry, I'm Chinese and grew up in a largely immigrant neighbourhood. I usually have no problems understanding folks with accents but most of the service reps had accents so thick they were hard to decipher. Once I got a service rep whose English was so poor that I ended up having to speak at half speed just so he'd understand me. I used the term 'nonresponsive' and he asked me what that word meant!?!?!
For the most part, it seemed that the service reps were practically reading straight out of a manual.

Their customer/technical service dept is not connected to their Parts dept. So you're having to call the parts department seperately and wait another 30 minutes.

The email tech. support is lacking as well.

The second round of stress came one month after my warranty ran out It's like they planned it.
That fiasco took another 9 weeks to be resolved because they kept sending me the wrong part! Actually, someone in the Parts dept. had put the wrong model of that part in the wrong box and they kept sending ones from that mislabeled box.
When I got the wrong part the second time, the service rep I spoke to told me that I probably had another part I needed to replace. He told me this not because there was actually anything wrong with that part but because he didn't have any other answer for me. It wasn't until I demanded to speak to his supervisor that I managed to get somewhere.

I didn't get anything, not even an apology, for all the hell they put me through. I've written letters and in email and in hard copy and still no response. I've told everyone around me to stay away from Dell. Those that didn't heed my warnings, all found out the hard way what I already knew.

I'm never buying from Dell ever again!
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