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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I'm starting this thread for you to share what environmentally friendly products you have used and how they work for you..good or bad.
at my Summer job, an Ecology Summer Camp, we use something called H2 Orange 2 it is an H2O2 and orange oil Product. You dillute it to 2 different strengths (Red and Green) and use it according to the severity of the staining Substance. It cleans very well on Biohazard, and needs very little Rinse-ing after it sets. It cleans up Finger Smudges, blood stains, Dirt, Food, Mold, Mildew, Various Bodily Secretions, and the like. That Company has a Great Degreasing agent whose name I do not know, but my Friend who worked in the Kitchen SWEARS its the best she has ever used (she also runs a Cleaning Buisness).
the best thing about it is, when its done its job, it leaves NO scent, not Orange, not Soap, not any (this is a good way to know if you missed some Vomit or Feces on a REALLY bad clean up job).

just my own Product Plug (and I buy mine from the distributor at camp, not a website)

My County has Mandatory Recycling with a "Pay-as-you-throw" program, recycling is free, but to throw away trash you have tobuy special Trash bags at $1 each, so we use less than one bag a week, Compost all food, and natural Fibers that cannot be reused. Box Board, Cardboard, Junk Mail, magazines, Various Plastics, and all cans (tin and steal get seperated by a magnet), Scrap metal and appliances have their own Bin, Milk cartons and Plastic Jugs, and glass is seperated by Color. A bit of work, and initail expense to make bins at home to make seperation at the Dump easier, but its well worth it after all.

Oh, BTW, Great Thread
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