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Well, I wasn't exactly an adult--I was 17 and really wished I had had it MUCH earlier. Every year from about age 5 until I had the surgery I would miss at least 4 weeks of school each winter with strep throat and throat infections. I took massive doses of antibotics for YEARS. Finally, was referred to an ENT specialist and had surgery.

Surgery was simple (this was in 1978 BTW) ; general anesthesia; about 30 minutes in OR; back in recovery in about an hour; stayed in the hospital overnight; had a VERY BAD sore throat (but I was really used to that) and felt like I had the flu for about a week (sore, achy, head stuffed-up). My only complication was that about two weeks after surgery, I had a hemorrhage--NOW don't panic! It was the dead of winter, these was absolutely no humidity in the air and we had gas heat; my throat dried out and one of the scabs in my throat "popped" off (they didn't put stitches in) and it bled. An ice pack on my neck and LOTS of water solved that problem.

The best part--for the next 10 years I didn't even catch a head cold much less have any strep or throat infections. It was wonderful for ME. I'm sure they have improved the surgical techniques by now--I bet you wouldn't even have to stay overnight.

Hope my info helps. Take care!
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