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I've not heard of that specifically. But I also quilt and my quilting group does lots of charity work -- one of the things they do is to make 3 very nice quilts a year (ie worth $1000+) and then find a local charity to donate the quilt to -- the charity then uses the item in their fundraising -- raffles, silent auctions, raffle baskets, etc. I know our local church and school and shelters are always looking for this kind of artsy-stuff to raise money. Maybe another avenue to explore....make you want then donate to a charity for a issue with the quilts is that of non-quilters not realizing the value of the item as well as proper care (these are not Sears Beds-in-a-bag). So we include care instructions and have the quilt formally appraised. Just something to think about if you tried this out.

Let know how it goes!
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