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Had my tonsils removed at age 23...many, many moons ago! As a pediatric nurse I also took care of hundreds of children who had tonsillectomies. What helped back then would also be helpful now. Ice collar, fluids, soft foods, ice cream/popsicles, chewing gum to promote saliva production and prevent muscle spasm, Tylenol for pain as opposed to aspirin and other brands that may cause bleeding, limiting activities until you feel better. Steer clear of orange juice, tomato juice/soup, and other acidic foods until your throat is completely healed or you will feel every pore in your throat is on fire and wish you hadn't . Ease back into a regular diet as tolerated.

Also, follow the instructions given to you after surgery. Beware of pain medication that might cause nausea and vomiting because you don't have enough food in your stomach to accommodate drugs.

Wishing you good luck and a speedy recovery!

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