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Originally Posted by dustinac View Post
I'm wanting a tatoo on my wrist... but I'm to afraid of the needle...and my dad
LOL When I showed my dad my first tattoo, like 15 years ago, it was the day after I had it done. It was still pretty sore, and the first thing he does is scratches it with his fingernail and asked if it was real.

Originally Posted by stitchwitch View Post
OK, in no way is this meant to sound negative so PLEASE do not take it as such, but how can you guys get attached to something that you want on you for the rest of your life? I am so fickle that I'd get a tattoo and the next week I'd hate it and want something else. I am a total committment phobe. Do you guys make the decision and then whammo you're in? Or do you ponder it for a zillion years and finally do it? I can't even commit to a hair color, yet alone something permanent on my body. Gotta know.
Well I'm completely not a commitment-phobe and have never been afraid to try something different or "permanent", obviously. I think about my tattoos for a while before I have them done, but I don't really mull over it for months and months. Once I decide, that's good enough for me. I have 5 tattoos and have never regretted any of them. I don't especially love one of mine, but it's a part of me now so I feel about it the way I feel about my butt. Eh.

Although oddly enough, the one tat I don't love is the same tat that was inked by a local tattoo legend so there IS reason to love it none the less. If anyone scoffs at it, I just say, yeah, well it was done by Eric Inksmith and they go lol Even the guys at my tattoo studio (Inksmith & Rogers) are jealous that I have a real Inksmith tat.

Anyway, I digress. No, I'm not afraid of getting something done permanently. If you ARE afraid, then you shouldn't get a tattoo. No one should ever get ink thinking that "well one day I can have it lasered off". It's just not the way to think about tats. You have to jump in with both feet and be happy with your decision.

People are people... different strokes... I respect a non-tattooed person's reasons for not getting ink, I ask the same respect be given to me even though I do have tattoos.

I'm still a just sweet innocent knitter type on the inside.

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