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Thanks for all the tips.

JoAnn's is out. We don't have them in Canada. At least not that I'm aware. We do have a Michaels'. But as the Knitting Instructor there I can say it's almost impossible to get classroom time.
Bookstores sounds like a cool idea, we were also thinking about asking our LYS, but I've been in their store and there isn't a lot of room.
One of our local libraries could work. The one has a fireplace and some comfy chairs to sit in. Someone would just have to get there early enough to stake a claim.
We have plenty of coffee shops. I'd like to try to support the local ones. Starbucks doesn't really need anymore advertising. .
I think we are going to have to rely on flyers and such to let people know. I belong to a bunch of knitting groups and forums and there just doesn't seem to be anybody from around here online. I guess they are all to busy knitting.

Thanks again!
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