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AGAIN--Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole Help-- AGAIN
I have made the first row of Base triangles and I have made Tier 1 triangle..

I have picked up 8 st.. Now my questions.

Row 1- pick up 8 Purl... (done this) Sl last st picked up to left needle and p2tog..... do I sl the last 8th st that I just put on my needle or do I pick up a new st making 9? But then I p2tog which would make it 8 again/

row 2--K8 turn.. got that

row 3--sl 1, p6, p2tog, turn... (counting that would be 9 st)

Does sl mean slip one?

Row 4-15 want me to repeat rows 2 and 3.. Won't I run out of st if I am not added any?

I have looked for a correction on the book. Found a place but this pattern is ok.. and I Have looked at some How to do Entrelac but have not found any help there either...
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