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Cat Litter Disposal
Ok, you would think with 9 cats in the house, I would be an expert at all things cat related. However, I'm ready to make a change and am just not sure what to do. We use Tidy Cat Clumping Litter and have a huge litter box that all the cats use (it is actually a dog house). We scoop it twice a day and everyone is happy with the current situation. Odor hasn't been a problem (unless we have a particularly long day away from home, then, when you get in, you know it's a house with cats!) - actually most people comment that they would never know there is a cat in the house. I think because they know we have cats they think it will stink!

The issue is that we use plastic grocery bags to scoop the litter into, then those are tied up tight and transferred to a designated can outside. On garbage day, that can is emptied into the big can - the system works, however, I would like to be more green and stop using the plastic bags. Because we have a lot of land, and the waste is biodegradeable, I wondered if we could dig a small hole and start using paper bags that we would then dump into the hole to eventually "compost" (for lack of a better word) there a down side to this? Does anyone have a better solution? Would "dumping" this stuff back into the earth be a no-no?

Any great ideas?
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