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My doggy is sick again!
About 5 weeks ago my dog was diagnosed with a bacterial infection, cost me $183 to find it out and medication he took for 8 days. Well, we were on vacation two weeks ago and I scheduled his recheck while we were gone, so they reran the tests to the tune of $120 and said he was clear and healthy and last night he started the vomiting and diahrrea again. I am absolutely wasted as I sat up all night in the recliner with him and was up and down about every half hour so he could go outside and get it out of one end or the other so I have had no sleep. He is at the vet's right now and I made it clear I was not happy that he was sick again and that I couldn't afford $100+ vet bills every 3 weeks. We shall see what they say this time. Keep little Fortune in your thoughts. He only weighs 9 lbs and the poor little thing doesn't understand what is wrong with him.
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