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My Chronic Pain
I thought that I had it under control not!!!!!!!
Any way I knew this day was coming that my system would say this medication is not going to work anymore. It was the highest dose and the doctor said he couldn't give me anything else. I was sent to a pain management Doctor. Here I go again. Same question that are in my folder that he is reading from. Anyway back to the hospital for shots in my poor cheek and not on my face. So then it's it will get worse before it gets better. Right been there done that story.
Only this guy makes no appointsments like my last Dr did. I call of course get the nurse, I know the drill pain bad really bad. Well you know Mrs. P that it is going to worse don't you. Ya but it has been seven days!!!!!! I'll tell the doctor and get back to you. yup had to call again oh dear Mrs.P got busy. Ya okay I may just rip your face off. My poor husband the heaven sent guy knows all this and is trying to tell them this is not working. Well I go to see him Monday and that is only because I had made it a while back. I think I need to go and see my regular doctor and find another pain management doctor.
I am now of my rant I haven't been able to do that for a long time. I feel so bad for my husband hearing me cry all the time.
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