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Originally Posted by wildforyarn View Post
Looking forward to it. This is my first Oddball knit, so do we use any special color or stitch pattern, or just whatever, hence the name Oddball?
I'm glad you're looking forward to being an Oddball Knitter!

You are free to knit ANY design you want. You can even use several different colors of yarn for your portion. Just be sure to end your section on the WRONG SIDE with ALL KNIT STITCHES. In other words, all of our loose threads should be on the same side of the blanket. This will keep the design looking nice.

Originally Posted by msmelody View Post
Doubt you want to send this to England. Do you know of a group here that does something similar? I would love to join in.
Maybe I can put you first for our NEXT blanket.
I don't know of an English oddball blanket project, but I have seen one in Australia!
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