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We have a whole board here at KH for "creating yarn" -- that's where the spinners usually hang out

I've been spinning for a little over a year and I love it! I learned on a drop spindle then got a wheel about three months later.

When people ask if it's a money saver I always say NO, just like knitting your own socks (at $10-$20 for the yarn and hours and hours of knitting time!) is most definitely not a money saver. It's something that you do for the love of it, not because it's cheaper. I mean, I guess if you had sheep, sheared them, and processed the fiber yourself you might come out ahead paper-money-wise, but time is money too, and in that way you would never break even.

It's funny to me how many people think I knit/spin "because it's cheaper" when really it's quite the opposite. Such a fixation in our culture with spending as little $$ as possible...
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