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Thanks everyone for the wonderful patterns you posted links too . I bookmarked some and printed off some to add to the stash . I went outside to do yardwork and decided to come in and rest a bit and let the yarn tell me what it wanted to do . So first I did swatches on several different sizes of needles to see what I liked . Picked a set and then just started doing random types of stitches to see if I could find something to show off the color changes in t his yarn . Guess what ? I found it
Here's what I'm doing ;
I cast on an odd number of stitches ( 67 ) and on size 4 US needles

Row 1; K1, Yarn front , Slip 1 as if to purl , Yarn back Knit 1 repeat to end .
Row 2 Purl all
Row 3; Slip one, Knit 1 , yarn front , slip as if to purl . repeat to end .
Row 4 Purl all

I'm going to continue to do these four rows until I get the scarf as long as I like it . It really works with the color changes

Thanks again you guys so ROCK !
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