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Mason I don't mind honesty!

No, I do not exercise unless you count housework which sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.

A typical day is: coffee in the morning, a bagel or muffin and coffee at about 10:15, lunch at 1:30 which is usually something bad for me from the quickie mart, and snacking in the afternoon, a candy bar or something. Dinner is pretty good because I cook for the kids and for some reason find it easier to tell them what to eat, health wise than to do it myself. Tonight was baked chicken, broccoli and rice a roni. Ok, not that great. Night is my bad time. I always want to eat at night. Cereal sometimes, a cookie, etc.

My problem is probably how much I eat.

bike riding is probably something I wouldn't do much. I'd probably walk a lot more easily than ride a bike. I live in Vermont for goodness sake! I have a whole entire beautiful forest in back of my house, with a brook and a path and everything. Just getting to the point of actually getting off my A** and getting going would be awesome.

I'm very glad I wrote this because it gives me some motivation. I'm tired of being tired out from simple things that should be no problem.

Thak you so much for listening to me, I appreciate it a lot.
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