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Originally Posted by marykz View Post
Then there is the association of crochet with the weird stuff of the 70's and all the toilet paper covers in grandmas house.
OMG, you are SO right! For awhile, that's how I thought about crochet but I must say that I'm really enjoying picking it up again. I like that crochet goes really fast so I feel a quicker sense of accomplishment.

I'm still into my knitting. I seem to go in spurts: knit for a bit, then crochet, then back again. I think I need to work on my attention span.

The best, though, is scanning for patterns online. I could do that all day long.

I've noticed that crochet has really morphed these days. The patterns available are really awesome and just as cutting edge at times as knitting. I'll look at pictures sometimes and have a hard time figuring out if it's knitted or crocheted.

my 2 cents...............
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