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I started crocheting as a college freshman when my mom taught me to make a ripple afghan using half-double crochet. (That's all she knew, and she only ever started (and never finished) two afghans, one in the seventies and another in the nineties (when she taught me).
Anyway, I taught myself eveything else from books. I made blankets, hats, gloves, filet crochet signs, doilies, etc. I enjoyed crocheting but would call it a hobby, not an addiction.

A couple years ago I developed a condition that worsened a few months ago. It got to the point where crocheting really aggravated it. I was used to doing something with my hands, though, so thought I'd try knitting. For some reason, knitting doesn't bother me. I taught myself using this website after my mother-in-law taught me how to cast on (using a method that I don't use anymore and have forgotten). I am totally addicted to knitting! I knit continental and combined, and for me it's very similar to crochet.

Crochet goes faster and is easier to fix mistakes, but knitting uses less yarn and is just better for me. There's something about the texture of feel or something... I don't consider myself as knowledgeable about knitting as I am about crochet (yet!) but I definitely love it in a way that I never loved crochet.
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