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WIP: "Max"...a manly pullover!

Well, I did what I said I wasn't gonna do EVER AGAIN: knit a second sweater for my DH! He is a hot body, and doesn't wear sweaters 'n' coats often.

I have the swatching done...hanks all wound into neat little cakes (17 of them!) and will cast on tonight!

"Max" is a new design from Elsebeth Lavold's newest book:
The Walk in The Park Collection!

I am not using her signature yarn. I am using STASH yarn!
(Araucania Atacama in Colorway 506...100% alpaca). It is supposedly a worsted weight yarn, however, I did NOT like it for worsted wt patterns. The stocking stitch is too loosey-goosey IMHO. May work better with other worsted patterns.

Araucania Atacama is a perfect DK weight using US 6 needles! 22st knit to a perfect 4"...and is not too compact nor tight. Yeah!

"Max" ....a manly pullover! (photo from book, worth posting, huh?!)

My Yarn: DH likes its "camouflage" coloration!

My un-blocked, un-tweaked gauge swatch:

Closeup of the pattern stitch:

Here's the book:
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I'm Artlady at:
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