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Is This Correct?
Hi ladies. I don't post much here, but do read regularly and have gotten an incredible amount of helpful information from all of you, which I appreciate so much. Now, I have a problem I need help with. I'm making this sweater:

and don't quite get this part:

FRONT:Work same as Back until 53/4 (6, 61/4)" from beg, end P row.
Divide for Neckline-Left Front: Row 1-Right Side: K25 (27, 29), K2tog, turn and put rem sts on a holder. Dec 1 st at neck edge every 4th row 12 (13, 14) times AND AT THE SAME TIME when 13 (13 1/2, 14)" from beg shape armhole at opposite edge by binding off 3 sts at beg of a K row, P 1 row, bind off 2 sts at beg of next row, then dec 1 st at same edge on next 2 K rows 9 (10, 11) sts at end of all shaping. Work even until same length as back to shoulder, end P row. B ind off.

By my calculations, if I work as stated, I will end up with SEVEN stitches left, not nine -- I knit 25, K2tog (this makes 26 on the right needle), turn and put the remaining stitches on a holder. If I decrease 1 stitch every 4th row 12 times (for a total of 12 decreases in 48 rows), I'm left with 14 stitches. If I bind off 3, there are 11 stitches left. Bind off 2 more and there are 9 stitches left. Finally, if I decrease 1 at the edge of the next two rows, there will be 7 stitches left. What am I missing?

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