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Originally Posted by Riss View Post
You lay in bed at night, and instead of counting sheep, you're counting knit one.. purl one...
I do that! Only I don't count, I just watch the stitches until I fall asleep ...

How about: ... It takes you far, far, faaarrr longer to deliberate and pack your knitting for a trip than it does to pack everything else.

You start getting philosophical about the knitting, and try to get other non-knitters to understand, and they just say things like "Hon, are you talking about that knitted tube again?"(it's an i-cord, a simple miracle, the whole so much more magical than the sum of its' parts.....!)

Or if you pick up the phone at work, identify yourself, and the person on the other end says something like "Beth? Oh, Beth, the short one, The One Who Knits."

And, you've actually caught yourself walking toward a perfect stranger, fingers outstretched, catching yourself just at the last moment before you began to fondle the sweater and peer at the stitches
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